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 1. 1 in 4 women & 1 in 12 men is a victim of domestic violence; it touches each and every one of us, but is preventable.
 2. DV does not only occur in heterosexual couples. 2 in 5 gay & bisexual men experience abuse in partner relationships.
 3. Native American women experience highest rates for intimate partner violence. #DVAM
 4. For info about domestic violence, including warning signs for emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, visit @NDVH:
 5. Women who have experienced domestic violence are 80% more likely to have a stroke. This is a health issue!
 6. One in five between age 11-14 say their friends are victims of dating violence. #DVAM
 7. Almost 1/3 of female homicide victims that are reported in police records are killed by an intimate partner.
 8. Violence limits women’s ability to manage their reproductive health & exposes them to sexually transmitted diseases.
 9. Cost of intimate partner violence annually exceeds $5.8 billion, with $4.1 billion in direct health care expenses.
10. Women age 20-24 are at greatest risk of nonfatal intimate partner violence & highest rates of rape & sexual assault.
11. Each year women experience 4.8 million intimate partner related physical assaults and rapes. #DVAM
12. Men experience 2.9 million intimate partner related physical attacks each year. #DVAM
13. Many women involved w/controlling partners need & use the help of an outsider to leave the relationship. How to help:
14. 78% of DV offenders used workplace resources to express remorse, anger, check up on, pressure or threaten the victim
15. A 2005 study found women experiencing physical IPV reported an average 7.2 days of work-related lost productivity
16. An estimated 10.7% of women & 2.1% of men have been stalked by an intimate partner during their lifetime.
17. In 2012, 35,323 DV victims found refuge in emergency shelters or transitional housing provided by local DV programs.
18. Economic abuse is a commonly used tactic to gain power & control over an intimate partner. Read about types of abuse:
19. Let’s continue to bring domestic violence awareness throughout the year. Become involved!