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Dalina HUDSON 

My name is Dalina, and this is my story.

I was visiting in Texas in 2005. Hurricane Katrina had come through New Orleans and they evacuated everyone.
Families got separated for years.

On my way back to Texas I met a young man. He was a Katrina victim. Him and I stayed in touch for two
months. In November 2005 him and I started a relationship. I stayed by his side because of what was going on
with Katrina.

We both started building a strong bond. We moved in together January 2006. And the verbal and mental abuse
started. I still stuck by his side. I myself thinking he’s just going thru his loss. As the months went on it got
worse. Physical came by March 2006. I left and moved to Las Vegas with family.

April 2006 I got a call saying my house was on fire from my neighbor in New Orleans. I left Las Vegas to be
back by his side. Once back he was cool for a couple days. After I took care of business I flew back to Vegas.
We still stayed in touch. New Orleans was in a world all its own, no work and families separated. He asked if he
could come to Las Vegas. My family and I helped him get his own place and he got a job. Everything was looking
good for both of us.

I lived with my family but I would still go by his place to visit.

August 2006 I was thrown out of a 20 feet high closed window. I was pronounced a TRAUMA Patient, I fought
for eight hours for survival. I had gone straight thru a closed plate glass window cutting arteries, nerves, muscle.

I am today still going through therapy and surgeries. From my experience I have learned so much and want to help others from going thru what I have.